How to Find Right Keyword?

Figuring out the right keywords is one of the biggest challenges. Pick the right keywords for business by using the keyword research tool; Google keyword planner.



Choosing Right Keyword to Use Keyword Research Tool


Go through these 3 steps one by one that will help and identify the competitor's best keyword-


1. Identified the competition’s keywords

2. Competitive research

3. Google Analytics





1. Identified the Competition’s Keywords


To find the best keywords and keyword traffic for a website or business identify the competitive keyword. Key research is the foundation of a strong SEO strategy.

The right keyword strategy makes websites strong for search. Competitive Keyword optimization with content, title, and description of website.


Keyword Research Tool


To figure out the right keyword for a business or website, first of all, found out the keyword list according to website keyword traffic.


To find and analyze keywords; identify the competitor keyword by keyword research tool. According to business or nature of business and geographical area choose the keyword short and long-tail keywords.

Do keyword analysis with estimated keyword traffic and prepare a list that will help to place the right keyword into the content.



2. Competitive Research


Check competitor's keyword ranking position and keyword traffic on a particular website by keyword research tool and make the list of keywords.


3.  Google Analytics


Analysis of the competitor site architecture, content, quality, keyword ranking, and backlink that will help estimate and analysis of a website.


Using the google analytics tool, check the competitor’s website traffic, this will helps in content analysis, and must be aware of the latest digital marketing updates and trends, and strategies so that you can update the webpage as per the latest information, trends, and updates.


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